Frequently asked questions

KZCash is being mined on specialized devices, which are called ASIC.

To start mining, connect your ASIC-equipment to our official pool, according to the instructions.

Security is based on the hash algorithm X11, which uses 11 different algorithms, sequential participating in the calculations. This fact increases the amount of miners in the network, which therefore makes attacks to intercept mining the blocks impossible.

Masternode is a node (computer, server) running on the network with a cryptocurrency wallet running on it with a certain number of coins. Masternodes are responsible for locking and confirmation of the transaction (4-5 seconds) - InstantSend; the mixing transaction (i.e. data encryption) - PrivateSend. KZCash Masternode requires:

  • at least 1000 KZCash on balance;
  • availability of a dedicated IP-address;

availability of uninterrupted operation of the system 24 / 7 (provided communication loss - no more than 1 hour).