KZCash Kazakhstan association

Dear Community!

KZCash Officially joined as a full member Kazakhstan association of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

We have a small celebration today and we received a great but expected gift.

Today we have our 2 months Birthday, exactly 2 months ago our project was launched. For this short period we have done as much, as other similar projects have been doing for 2 years of existence.

1)We realized real mining decentralization, launched own pool as well.

2)We achieved geographical decentralization and escaped concentrated ownership of Masternodes. At the moment there are 197 Masternodes running in the network. Due to the PROMO we expect 300 Masterodes in January. The network is stable, transactions are being confirmed with a very high speed. At present it is one of the best cryptocurrencies for fast money transfers.

3)We announced our project at the international level

There were established contacts with international cryptocurrency exchanges representatives, negotiations are in working process. Huge interest attracted from Europeanand Asian investors.

4)Our Community grew up to 7000 persons, investors from over 50 countries of the world. All the social networks and groups requested by our Community were connected.

5)Was registered KZCASH Ltd, its mission is promoting blockchain and KZCash cryptocurrency in Kazakhstan.

6)Professional technical support was launched

7)Negotiations for listing with TOP-10 exchanges is in process, technical stages are generally passed. Await final results any day.

8)Tech team started developing KZCash mobile Apps. It is planned to launch Android first.

9)We ordered 3 trial Crypto-ATMs, software and currencies setup works and tests being done.

10)The last but not the least! We can consider it as a gift to our Community. Today we became official full member of  “Kazakhstan Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies”

The official document is on our Homepage

Our Community grows incredibly fast, same fast as the transactions go through in the KZCash blockchain.

We work for the Community!

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