Masternode Collection

Dear Community!

We are excited to open new market for KZCash on 09.03.2018 – one of leading European exchanges

Following our priority to make popular our project on a continental level and to reach more decentralization of KZCash network our Team announces Exculsive Campaignwith BitBay: “Masternode Collection”

Potential investors can buy Masternodes on PROMO terms: buy 700 coins at the exchange, withdraw it to their wallet, keep it there without spending till 31.03.2018 10.00 GMT. The remaining +300KZC for Masternode launch KZCash Team will provide from our reserve. The PROMO is limited to the total of 150 Masternodes. One investor can buy more than one Masternode. Only first 150 applications will be qualified.

This PROMO is intended to grow the Community and attract long-term European investors’ attention to KZCash project, gives to the potential investors meaningful stimulus for Masternode purchasing. Hurry up to benefit from this opportunity! The PROMO is LIMITED!

To participate in this PROMO  You need to:

1 Buy 700 KZC at exchange

2 Make a screenshot from Your personal trade history, confirming Your 700KZC buying

3 Make withdrawal of 700KZC or more at one time on a new-generated address (an address that You never used to receive coins).

4 Provide a proof of Your withdrawal where we can see all the transaction details - transaction txid.

5 Provide the address that You used to withdraw 700 KZC (mentioned in p.3)

6 Keep the coins till 31.03.2018 10.00 GMT

In case of any difficulties please apply to our live support on our Homepage or by email

Please provide screenshots and other details to email Check and payment will be made on 31.03.2018.

Full technical support for Masternode setup will be running in intensive mode starting with 01.04.2018. 

We work for the Community!

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