The project was initially called KZCash and became widely known in Europe, Asia and beyond the continent.

The Project was launched by an international Team of professionals headed by an experienced engineer and online entrepreneur Alibek Makhambetabiev on 21.10.2017 in Kazakhstan.

The initial concept of the Project implied the development and distribution of the coin as a regional one - Kazakhstan, CIS countries, Central Asian countries, China, Eastern Europe. The Great Silk Road on blockchain, from East to West and vice versa.

The Project from the very start has gained a huge popularity in many countries (50 countries). It is attractive both for users - thanks to the stability, network speed, low commissions, a large number of sellers accepting coins for payment (maps.kzcash.kz, more than 1000 sellers), and for investors – Masternode holders (more than 600 masternodes in the network).

During the development of the project, the Team has established qualitative feedback with the Community, promoted the idea of ​ decentralization of mining and Masterdnodes, and succeeded in this. Wishes and ideas of the Community have always been taken into account, many of them have been accepted and implemented.

The Team put and puts forward, in particular the promotion of the idea of ​​charity. In December 2017, was launched a large-scale promotion to help orphanages in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan. In future, the Team plans to hold charity events as an integral part of the project.

The Project regularly participates in specialized exhibitions. For 6 months it took part in 2 regional exhibitions (Cryptoconference in Almaty 2018, Astana Moneymaking Summit in February 2018) and 2 international ones (Cryptocurrencyworldexpo in Warsaw in December 2018, Berlin Summit as a Gold Sponsor in March 2018). On May, 18th , 2018 KZCash participate in Togliatti International Blockchain Forum as co-organizer and title sponsor – first time promoting new Project name in public. More expos considered in 2018.

Meeting the requests of the international crypto community, voiced at the Berlin Summit, as well as current realities (the project went far beyond the region and even the continent), the Team decided, having broad support of the Community to rebrand and change the concept of the Project.

The main idea is to build a self-sufficient Global Democracy on the Blockchain.

Business to business, people to people!

We continue to work for the Community!