Our Mission

Business to Business, People to People!

Meeting international crypto-community wishes and requests, the Team decided, having broad support of the Community, to modify the concept of the Project.

New idea and concept – to create Global Community, using local national/regional active people, motivating them to build local Communities and join our Global Community on equal rights.

Main idea is to build a global democracy on blockchain. We are creating a federation of local communities. There is a system of national/regional delegates. A person from any country can offer to be KZCash delegate – leader of national Community, creating it in local language, advertising it. We implement the system of Delegates – crypto-enthusiasts willing to develop our Community, realize themselves and get paid for it. A delegate can request monthly budget from DAO. The system is completely self-sufficient (DAO).

The other important improvement is Board of Directors (Big Holders). Any person holding 20 and more active Masternodes can enter it. Board of Directors is a governing body of the project with certain privileges. A Director (Big Holder) is getting important information in priority, his/her ideas and advices are considered in priority – and it is normal. The one invested more is interested to develop the Project more. Delegates will be pre-confirming their plans and reporting in details first of to the Board of Directors. Any DAO initiative is advised to be agreed with the Board of Directors – this sufficiently increase the chance for it to be accepted on General vote of Masternodes.

At the same time final decisions on the most important development and promoting activities of the Project will be voted and accepted ONLY by General Masternode voting, “1 node = 1 vote” principle.

The Board of Directors meetings, confirmed plans and ideas will be regularly reported in press-releases to the Community. Same, controlled by the Board Delegates’ reports will be published, so that the Community can evaluate, discuss, express opinions and give the ideas.

NOTE: The system is 100% democratic and transparent. Blockchain is the basis. Any Community member can give an idea, submit a DAO initiative. As far as General Masternodes voting in majority accepts it, it will be financed automatically and realized.

The Project will add all major world languages support – English, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, later German, French and Portuguese.

Formal organization for official promotion worldwide is in process of registration in a country with progressive legislation for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. On completing, we will publish all legal documents.

Another important way of making coin globally known and accepted is our Sellers attracting program. We will review and restart our active sellers attracting program. At the moment merchant-service for sellers is being developed. Direct banking liquidity connecting is also a part of our complex program.

All the philosophy, system and development plans will be reflected in White Paper .

We work for the Community!